Book Review 2-13 Hansel & Gretel

There were Hansel and Gretel. They are old brother and young sister. They were friendship. They didn’t have their mother, there was a stepmother instead. Their home was very poor. There were few foods everyday. A stepmother thought that leave Hansel and Gretel behind in a forest tomorrow, and the cost of living relieved. Hansel foreboded bad thing. So Hansel saved pan of dinner. Hansel cut small and took into his pants this night.
Next day, Hansel and Gretel went to forest with their parent. Hansel went to over drop pan at street. Their parent as leave Hansel and Gretel behind expected, but Hansel and Gretel could come back home through Hansel. A stepmother was mortified it.
Soon, they went to forest. Hansel used same way, but birds ate pan this time. Hansel and Gretel didn’t know how to come back home. Then there was a house. This house have made to sweets. Hansel and Gretel were hungry. So Hansel and Gretel ate these sweets. Then old woman appeared. She invited Hansel and Gretel. She took many many sweets. Hansel and Gretel cram.
The old woman said that Gretel help her. Gretel help to cook. Then Hansel has locked. Hansel and Gretel heard to the old woman say for escape.
Gretel plunged the old woman under the gas stove, and Hansel and Gretel escaped and came back home. Their father received them as a stepmother went out home. Hansel, Gretel and their father lived to happy. (246 words)

Midnight theater


I watched “HYD” at midnight again. HYD is Hana Yori Dango. I very very like it(≧ω≦)♡ I went to a movie theater before, and it has released the other day. So I watched by my P.C. It remained good movie. My best scene is wedding. It is beautiful image and very very happy them. It made the round from screen. I’m happy only see(´∀`) I want to watch everyone.
I will buy DVD, won’t I…♥ (81 words)

Doctor Helicopter


I watched “Code Blue” SP by my P.C. “Code Blue” has broadcasted last year. This is Doctor Helicopter’s story. This story has showed about fellows of Doctor Helicopter grow up. Doctor Helicopter’s system is newest emergency medical treatment. Emergency medical treatment is important first 10 minutes. It decides live or dead. It fights 1 minute and 1 second. I think that it is grave world.
Doctor Helicopter’s system doesn’t develop in Japan until now, but there are surviving lives that there is Doctor Helicopter. It is great medical. I want to spread throughout Japan. (94 words)

Book Review 2-12 ALADDIN & His Magical Lump

There was a poor boy. His name is Aladdin. His father dead, because too work to. His mother was sad.
One day, the man appeared front Aladdin. He said that he is Aladdin’s uncle. Aladdin wasn’t familiar to it. The man really was a magician.
The next day, Aladdin walked long distance with the man. The man ordered that went to take the lump into underground. Aladdin went to underground. There were many jewels. Aladdin wanted to jewels, but didn’t take out the man until go to have the lump. Aladdin went to find more back the lump. It was cold, dark and spooky. Aladdin wanted to take out early. Aladdin rubbed by accident. Then the man appeared from into lump. He was the aged genie. The genie said that whether there are want to ask things him. Aladdin asked that take out there. Aladdin ran to home. Aladdin gave his mother the lump. His mother rubbed the lump, and another giant genie. They asked that want foods. Then foods appeared. They cram many foods.
Early one morning, the notice took from the castle. The princess Badr go to downtown. The princess was very beautiful. Aladdin wanted to marry with Badr. His mother went to have jewels the king for marry Badr.
However, the notice was that Badr marry with vizier’s son. Aladdin asked that bring Badr the genie. Aladdin pretended helps Badr. Aladdin could marry Badr with this.
The man didn’t give up the lump. The man tempted Badr and has robbed the lump. How does Aladdin?
I think none too like. I think dislike that Aladdin deceived Badr for marry her. I didn’t read, did I? (278 words)

Book Review 2-11 The Princess and the Pea

There was the prince. The prince’s name is Patrick. Patrick wanted to marry. Patrick arranged, too, but didn’t find good princess. Patrick wanted to meet “real princess”. The king and queen were hands up.
The next day, Patrick decided that trip for search the real princess with Fred. Fred is his cousin. Patrick loaded 12 suitcases, 10 shoes and a spare crown in carriage. Patrick left at castle.
Patrick found the girl when they advanced. The girl name is Peg. Peg submerged it, because wanted to see the world. Fred said that come back her home, but Peg did a flat denial. They argued. Patrick was good that go with her. They went the witch’s place with her.
The witch was green and big eyes. It was horrible. Patrick asked that how to find the real princess. The witch said that there were real princess’s 3 points. First, it is politeness to one and all. Second, it is kindness to rich and poor. Third, it is very sensitive skin. Then the witch gave Patrick princess map. They decided that follow this map.
The first princess was Prunella. Prunella was strong, but selfishness and didn’t kind to Peg. She was doffer.
The second princess was Pavlova. Patrick decided to disguise, because wanted to research Pavlova’s kind. Patrick first tried by Peg. Peg couldn’t notice. So Patrick practiced it. Pavlova didn’t kuind, too.
Patrick gave up after all. They came back Patrick’s country. Peg returned the kitchen, and Patrick and Fred returned the castle. They returned the part each other.
Princess Primrose came to the castle. Primrose was drenched with rain and shook. Primrose was politeness, kindness and go to bed at 0:00. Patrick thought that Primrose is the real princess, but Primrose left.
Peg tired in those days. Peg should clean Princess’s room, but too tire to and slept. Peg waked up, threw down ladder. Peg cried “Help me”. Patrick ran to her help. Patrick noticed that Peg is the real princess. Patrick went to help and proposed Peg. They lived to happy.
I think that there is happiness near. Patrick can notice and become happy. It is good. (358 words)



I called at TWINZ. There are many cute and colorful clothes. I think good TWINZ if you want to buy cute clothe.
TWINZ do sale 50% now. There was knit gown of ALBA ROSA. It was cute and beautiful silhouette. There were black, pink and beige. I bought pink. I want to knit gown from before long time. Moreover it was 50% off. I’m lucky(♥∀♥) Really, I want to buy beige and same black one-peace, but I don’t have so money.
I will go with my mother, won’t I? (93 words)

Red Cliff


I watched “Red Cliff”. This is three country’s history in China. It has said “Sahgokushi” in Japan. Sangokushi is war three countries that Cáo Cāo’s Gi, Sun Quan’s Go and Ryubi’s Shoku.
This age, Gi has overwhelming power. Ryubi was pushed from Gi, and Sun Quan accepted people who had expelled from Gi. Sun Quan wanted to defend people from Gi. Komei, Zhào Yún, Guān Yǔ and Zhāng Fēi adored Sun Quan very much, because Sun Quan is very very kind, think for nations and wish to peace country. They thought that overthrow Gi with Shoku. There was a great commander at Shoku. His name is Zhou Yu. Go and Shoku cooperated and cultivated friendship. Komei and Zhou Yu especially cultivated friendship. Then Go and Shoku confront by 60 thousand to 100 thousand of Gi. Takeshi Kaneshiro appears Komei, and Zhou Yu appears Tony Leon. Takeshi Kaneshiro is cool, because Komei is calm and a man of phenomenal intelligence. Takeshi Kaneshiro appeared very good. I like the best Komei.
It is very very great scale’s big and scene of battle’s power. I like the history or history movies originally. I like it in a matter of seconds. (199 words)

Book Review 2-10 Cinderella

The woman called “Cinderella!” in that house. This woman ordered to clean Cinderella her bedroom. Cinderella and this woman’s relationship are mother and daughter-in-law. This woman is Cinderella’s mother-in-law. Cinderella called Stepmother about her. Cinderella’s sister-in-law’s name is Griselda and Grimella. Cinderella has pushed about from them. Cinderella did all housework that clean, cook and care of them.
That day, that letter received. It was from the castle. It was invitation of Christmas party. They were surprised and excited. They wished to marry Prince. They decided to get themselves up in dress and makeup with considerable spirit. They bought new dress, new shoes and new hat. Cinderella was made to help their makeup. Then Grimella order to dress’s arrangement. Cinderella did hastily. They didn’t say thanks and went to the party. Cinderella felt sad and cried, because wanted to go the party, too.
The witch appeared from fireplace, and changed carriage to pumpkin, houses to mice and rat to rosy-cheeked coachman. Finally, a shabby clothe changed a beautiful dress. The witch said that untie a magic at 0:00. Cinderella promised that come back certainly.
Cinderella arrived to the party. Cinderella was the best beautiful than anyone else. So Cinderella caught Prince’s eye. Cinderella danced with Prince, but the time for must come back approached. The happy time passed early. Cinderella left early though Prince called after her. Only glass’s shoes remained there. The carriage, houses and rosy-cheeked coachman already returned. Cinderella ran. Cinderella barely came back the house before stepmother and sister-in-law come back.
The next morning, the letter received from the castle again. The Prince searched The Princess of yesterday night. The Prince went to Cinderella’s house, too. Griselda and Grimella were in the glass’s shoes, but size didn’t fit. Stepmother didn’t want to be in the glass’s shoes to Cinderella. However The Prince requested. Cinderella was in it and just fit. The Prince proposed to Cinderella. Cinderella accepted certainly. They lived happily ever after.
I like this book, because it was happy end very much. I think that another girls like to story. I’m happy only read it. (350 words)

Mission Impossible

There is IMF (Impossible Mission Force) of spy organization in America. IMF did spy’s work of top secret.


Ethan Hunt is this member into IMF. Tom Cruise appears Ethan. Ethan Hunt is cool, clam and does good work.

Ethan’s boss is Jim Phelps. Jon Voight appears Jim. Jim was adored from staff and good boss.


That day, IMF was asked from the authority. This duty was that catch Golitsyn of embassy’s staff of America and buyer it. Golitsyn stole NOC. NOC is CIA staff’s list in Eastern Europe. However this list wasn’t real list. This was code list. There was another real list. Golitsyn went to steal again. Ethan knew it. Ethan thought that catch this time. Action’s day, Ethan went to the embassy with IMF’s members, but the mission had leaked out to the enemy. Ethan and IMF’s members were attacked from the enemy. All IMF’s members were shot, but Ethan only escaped with his bare life.
Ethan met Kittridge of CIA staff for failure’s account. Then Ethan was listened that there was a person who communicated secretly with the enemy into IMF from Kittridge. Kittridge said that this person is Ethan, because Ethan only lives. Kitteidge did to catch Ethan, but Ethan catched him off guard and escaped. Ethan thought that look for real enemy by oneself.
Ethan helped Jim’s wife. Then Ethan started the operation, but the members needed for this operation. Ethan put Krieger and Luther. Krieger is a former CIA staff, and Jean Reno appears Krieger. Luther is a hacker genius, and Ving Rhames appears Luther. They decided that come in head office of CIA, and copy real list. Ethan owed this success safely to Jim’s wife, Krieger and Luther. Ethan got list.
Ethan left no stone for reach real enemy, but Kittridge was laid for catch Ethan, too. Kittridge arrested Ethan’s mother and uncle innocent sin. Kittridge thought that Ethan always went to help his mother and uncle.
Same time, Jim appeared Ethan at train. Jim ought dead, but Jim lived, because the sins were Jim, Jim’s wife and Kittridge. Jim thought that didn’t need spy after cold war of east and west. So Jim attempted this time. Ethan and Jim confronted directly. How is Ethan? Is Ethan’s fate?


I think well, because this movie’s action scene has beat and excited me and the scene that Ethan come in head office of CIA has beat me. However I’m bad that there were many traitors. I’m afraid of people. I think that should doubt a little. (426 words)



Good evening ^^♥ But! I’m in a bind very much now (;O;)!!! My homework is too much to, and test of speaking this Friday, but I must go part-time job. It lacks part’s people. I can’t refuse addition of part-time job day.
…………(__ )
I do my best!!! (53 words)